> Valentine's Weekend '09

The Room
The first supper
Hotel Starbucks
Pretty in Pink
The Aquarium
Tree Model
Rockin' the tourism sector of Chattanooga
The Art Museum
See-through foot bridge
Is it wood?
Foot bridge across the Tennessee River
More footbridge
yet again, more footbridge
The Tennessee River
Gettin' her "learn" on
Good Dog
'cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste goooooooood
How to spot a tourist
The Avenging Unicorn
Longest recessional EVER
If you build it, they will frisbee
Are you kidding me?
V-Day dinner
He CAN be dressed up and taken out
Cubed Gumby
Ryan's 1st course
Ryan's 2nd course
Rebekah's 2nd course
The Electric Trolley
Rebekah's 3rd course
Ryan's 3rd course
Ryan's 4th course
Rebekah's 4th course
4th glass of wine
The hotel lobby
The hotel lobby
The hotel lobby
The hotel lobby
This is why people in Chattanooga are so fit!
Stairway (escalator) to heaven
Her indian name is "points at trees"
First-time iPhone user